Install WordPress with wordops

Install WordPress

This will install WordPress with nginx fastcgi_cache, php 7.4, and Let’s encrypt. Replace with your website URL.

wo site create --wpfc --php74 -le --force 

Reinstall let’s encrypt security certificate

If the let’s encrypt SSL certificate fails you can attempt to reinstall the security certificate with

wo site update -le --force 


Logs are available, wo log show --debug

Clear Cache

Clear the cache via WordPress, “Purge Cache” or cli, wo clean
Cleanes NGINX FastCGI cache, Opcache, Redis Cache and restart Nginx. You can also manually delete the nginx cache rm -rf /var/run/nginx-cache/*


Maintaining Wordops

Upgrade Wordops to latest version

Maintaining Wordops stack

  • wo maintenance
    Update server packages (After SSH the message may appear, “…updates can be installed immediately”).
    This command is equivalent to:apt update
    • apt dist-upgrade
    • apt autoremove –purge
    • apt autoclean
  • wo stack upgrade
    Upgrade stack safely. Sites may be down for few seconds if upgrading Nginx, PHP-FPM, MariaDB or Redis
  • wo clean
    leans NGINX FastCGI cache, Opcache, Redis Cache

Helpful commands for maintaining Wordops

  • wo stack restart
  • wo stack restart --php
  • wo stack reload
  • wo stack status


Setup wordops


  • wget -qO wo && sudo bash wo
  • source /etc/bash_completion.d/wo_auto.rc # bash_completion

#Alias for sudo wo

  • echo -e "alias wo='sudo -E wo'" >> $HOME/.bashrc
  • source $HOME/.bashrc