Maintaining Wordops

Upgrade Wordops to latest version

Maintaining Wordops stack

  • wo maintenance
    Update server packages (After SSH the message may appear, “…updates can be installed immediately”). Note that you’r WordPress sites may go down for a minute during, “updating packages, please wait…”. At this point users may see the WordPress message, “Error Establishing a Database Connection.”
    This command is equivalent to:apt update
    • apt dist-upgrade
    • apt autoremove –purge
    • apt autoclean
  • wo stack upgrade
    Upgrade stack safely. Sites may be down for few seconds if upgrading Nginx, PHP-FPM, MariaDB or Redis
  • wo clean
    leans NGINX FastCGI cache, Opcache, Redis Cache

Helpful commands for maintaining Wordops

  • wo stack restart
  • wo stack restart --php
  • wo stack reload
  • wo stack status




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